European Cyber Security Month - Week 1 - Cyber Security in the Workplace


Increasing number of Cyber Attacks on medium-sized Companies!

In 2015 every tenth private company was hit by a successful hacker attack, whereas in 2016 it was already every fifth (PwC). In 2015 every tenth private company was hit by a successful hacker attack, whereas in 2016 it was already every fifth (PwC). The resulting damages were calculated with an average of € 80,000, but individual cases with a loss of more than € 500,000 were also recorded (PwC).

The increasing trend in the number of hacker attacks is unambiguous and can be attributed not only to the increasing professionalization of the hackers but also to the enormous increase in Malware variations.

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in its report on the “Situation of IT Security in Germany” describes an increase in known Malware from 70 million in 2011 to more than 560 million in 2016. Due to the rapid development of new variations, only a basic protection can be offered by classic defences, which are not able to recognize new malware in time.

Why medium-sized Companies?

Especially medium-sized companies are becoming more and more a target of hacker attacks. However, the risk of an attack on one’s own company is often underestimated. Due to missing or neglected IT-Security the hackers can easily access the company’s modern technologies and the highly specialized expertise. The PwC study also highlights the fact that, in the coming years, customer data and the company’s knowledge will increasingly become the target of Cyber-Crime.

How to protect my Company

The greatest security risk, also in the area of IT-Security, is the human being. This was the result of a PwC survey, which showed that 84% of the 400 participating companies indicated poorly trained employees being the greatest security risk.

The most effective way to quickly improve IT security is to provide professional training for employees and managers. In addition to technological measures, there must be awareness at all levels of the company. exploqii has taken on this task and provides knowledge on IT security in the workplace in an explanatory video.

Link to exploqii's campaign in the context of the European Cyber Security Month...

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